Snorter – Simple Snort Installation

Script to make Snort installation simpler.
The script installs:

  • Snort: Open Source IDS.
  • Barnyard2: Interpreter for Snort unified2 binary output files.
  • PulledPork: Snort rule management.
  • WebSnort: Web Interface for PCAP analysis.

Successfully tested in:

  • Raspberry Pi + Raspbian Jessie
  • Kali Linux Rolling Release
  • Debian 8.5




What do you need?

  • A computer running:
    • Debian
    • Kali Linux
    • Raspbian Jessie
  • Oinkcode:
    • It’s FREE!
    • Highly recommended!
    • Get yours here.
  • Identified Network Interface:
    • ip link show
  • Previous dependencies:
    • sudo apt-get install git
  • Patience.

Simply run on your terminal:

git clone
cd Snorter/src



Printing the USAGE:

bash -h


bash --help

RECOMMENDED: Executing the script using an OINKCODE

bash -o <oinkcode> -i <interface>

Simple Snort Installation: Snorter Documentation
Simple Snort Installation: Snorter Download

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