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How to Detect Meterpreter on your PC

These days we stumble upon how to use meterpreter or how to hack someone using metasploit but no one tells you on how to detect and kill the meterpreter if you are hacked. Today we will have a look at two tools that will achieve this goal.
Antipwny – A host based IDS written in C# targeted at Metasploit
Download the Antipwny repository from github and run the exe, a dialogue box will open and it will show the meterpreter file running in your computer as show :

Now, right click on the process and select kill process option.

Antimeter A forensic tool to scan memory and detect Metasploit
When you open the antimeter.exe, it will scan the whole computer and it will show the virus containing the meterpreter. Also, it will ask you to kill the process or not.

Click yes to kill the meterpreter.
When both steps are completed, the hacker will loose its session to your machine, making you safe and secure.

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